Get Youtube Views free

5th September 2018 0 By admin

YouTube is a very powerful platform that can be used to promote services or product as part of digital marketing or can be used to promote individual talents such as singing, mimicry, and others. When a video is posted, we want more and more people to watch it, share it and have lots of views. Here are very few Tricks to Increase YouTube Views that help you to increase views by at least by 200 percent within a short time.

1. Annotations help your video to link to some other popular videos and increase the views.

2. Create a playlist to engage the visitors. Playlist helps the viewers to find your videos more and more. Embed the playlist on other websites and blogs also to increase views.

3. Metadata helps the viewers to know what the content in the video is. Use proper Meta title, Meta tags, and description for your YouTube video. Meta tags help the search engine to discover your video with the right keyword.

4. Viewers who scan through YouTube search result can get attracted to a good thumbnail and watch the video. This can increase customer engagement and increase the views.

5. Create a blog of the website of your own and embed your videos on them.

6. Better SEO presence is possible by getting your video on other platforms such as Vimeo, Facebook, and others.

7. Build an email list

8. Know the target audience before creating content for your YouTube.

9. Ask your viewers to subscribe to the channel, like video, share your video so that it reaches a large number of others.

10. Paid promotion is also available which is not very expensive and this helps you to get more views on your videos. Advanced planning from the time you begin the content creation for your video is important to get success.

By following all these tips a beginner of YouTube channel can easily attach with huge fans by getting massive number of views. The popularity of the channel depends on the views. Hence, these tricks would be helpful for the construction of strong YouTube channel.